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1. How long does my hair need to be before getting waxed?  

Hair should be about a quarter to a half inch in length.  If you normally shave you will want to cease shaving 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment.  The hair can't be too long, but it can be too short.

2.  Should I trim my hair before my appointment?

No.  It is very easy to trim too short which will result in more hairs being left behind.  Just come as you are!

3. What if I get my period right before my appointment?

(Only relevant for waxing of the bikini area)

Step One: DON'T FREAK OUT!  I have been waxing lady parts for over a decade and sometimes Aunt Flo crosses our path!  If you feel too sensitive or uncomfortable you may reschedule your appointment.  You can also come in and get waxed, wearing a tampon or cup would be ideal in this situation.  It is not an infrequent occurrence and if I was squeamish about such things I wouldn't have chosen this line of work!

4.  Anything I should be aware of before having my brows done or other facial waxing?

Yes.  If you are using retinols or acids, either over the counter or prescribed, you will need to refrain from use for 5-7 days prior to your appointment.  This will reduce the chances of skin irritation or "skin lifting."

5.  What is the difference between Brow Shaping and regular waxing?

I use the term "shaping" because I am applying over a decade of experience to the shaping of your brows.  While I do use a low temp, sensitive skin wax I take great care to assess the best shape for your individual face.  There is more precision and artistry involved with a Brow Shaping.

6. Where should I park?

Free parking is available in front of or behind my address at 1622 16th Ave South. The back lot is larger and has more available spots.  You can access the back lot from the alleyway behind 16th Ave which you can get to from either Horton or Wedgewood.  If you park up front or on the street (also free) you will need to walk around to the back to gain entry to my building.  Once there, press the button for  Suite 500 and I'll buzz you into the building.  My studio is immediately to your left once inside. 

7. I'm having trouble booking on your online system, what should I do?

I use the Vagaro system for my online scheduling.  If you're using a mobile device, you will need to download the app for it to work properly.  You can search my business name on there: Secret Beauty Artistry + Aesthetics.  It's pretty simple once you set up a profile.  If you are still experiences challenges, you can call or text me at 615.440.1929.  Please allow up to  24 hours for a response. You can also email me.  

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